WomenwithweightsIt was a gloriously sunny day for most of today. And for some reason, I felt gloriously grateful for my life, for Hub, for my family and friends, for my capacity to create stories from a turn of phrase, a smell or a song. Haven’t you had days like that? When your heart is full and everything seems golden? I don’t care to discover why. I’m prepared to accept that it just IS.

I went to the gym today and lifted some works, did a bit of cardio. Made some killer onion soup. Did some writing. Perhaps of there is nothing worth watching on TV tonight I’ll tackle that huge stack of ironing to be done. I’ve found some iTunes meditations posted by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center and downloaded them to my iPod.

Be good to yourself, my friends. It’s okay to burst with joy. Show someone else how much you care. Life is good. Live well.