This video is, obviously, staged, but the concepts are true. It’s posted to a Facebook page and I can’t figure out how to embed the code for the video here.

5470_217_Toursafe_21.5_PF400ST_400x400 Excuse me if I sound like a commercial, but I’ve been using their products (handbagsand backpacks and waist pouches, oh my) for years. PacSafeThey wear like iron, they look good and I never worry about being ripped off by bottom-cutters or strap slashers. I bought most of them from the CAA store in Newmarket, and a few from Evex Luggage on Doncaster Road in Thornhill (they always have discounts).

We use Samsonite hard-shell suitcases that have been abused in ways I’d never have thought possible. I’ve stared, helpless, out of aircraft windows as the baggage handlers leave my stuff sitting in the rain on the tarmac, I’ve seen my bags drop 2 metres off a wobbly conveyor belt before being slammed into the cargo bay or hammered onto a creaky carousel in Mexico. They were dinged, but not destroyed. The only causualty so far has been the lock on my smaller hardshell, which cracked (but did not release) when it was run over by a forklift.

Zippers have always seemed like an inadequate way to secure a product that will get abused in transit. And when they separate or the teeth wear out, you have to toss the whole bag or replace the zipper and hope that it holds. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Seeing the video confirmed my suspicions. Now that PacSafe has zippered luggage that is mroe durable and theft-proof, maybe I’ll give it another look, since Samsonite’s new hardshell suitcases are getting to be as thin as Ziploc bags. Whether I buy new will depend on the price and weight – the heavier the bag, the less I can get into it, which is a concern, especially since airlines keep lowering the weight allowances. We’ll see…