manifestoSome weeks, the tsunami of dreadful news is almost overwhelming. I’m no wuss, but it seems that with the advent of technology, the pace of public ugliness, stupid pet tricks and pure awfulness is about to bury us.

My writing is coming along fine, but there’s just so much of it. I’m taking workshops, registering for writers’ conferences and drafting practice query letters and synopses for workshops, because I’m addicted to learning about the craft. Even though I started my post-university career as a texbook editor, and spent most of my working hours ghost-writing, drafting government policies, legal decisions, speeches and ministers’ correspondence, I feel that there is so much more I still have to learn. And do…

We are all in the same crowded little boat that is our lives. Family and Friends come first, of course. Community work. Consulting project stuff. WCYR. Teaching myself self-publishing. Learning the Amherst Artists and Writers Method so that I can better lead writing circles. Editing the draft of my first novel for The Final Approach and trying to find movies and television shows that are similar, so that I can write a comparison and follow The Writers’ Journey.

Editing my non-fiction book – Police Officers: Journeys from Recruit to Chief of Police – is coming along slowly. Developing the website is coming along slowly. Why slowly? I find that re-reading the transcripts of the 70-odd interviews I’ve done draws me back into the individual officer’s stories. It slows me down (in a good way), remembering their facial expressions and the tones of their voices as they recalled their lives during our 90-minute interviews. How willing they were to trust me with intimate details of what they felt and how it affected them and their families. Some of that, I’ve edited out. To my mind, although the anecdotes are powerful, and they’re all anonymous, some strike too deeply to be included. For now, at least.

But the writing, I love. There just doesn’t seem to be sufficient time. I’m a writer, but I still have to sleep and cook and do laundry and hang out with Hub and drink great wine! The sun is out, which lifts my spirits, but the brutal chill means I can’t go out for an easy walk without bundling up with long underwear and thick mitts and a hat with earflaps. The keep-fit aspect of my walks is even more important, now that I’ve discovered Audible books and can get lost for hours listening to books I don’t have time to sit and read.

ATT00055I’m making a new pledge for 2013. Every Friday will be a Day of Silliness. There will be no socially redeeming stories, no lessons to be learned – just a chuckle or two.