This morning, I was going to write about ‘Sugar Babies’ – a new name for comely university students (mainly female), selling their ‘companionship’ (aka, themselves) to older, wealthy men.

Sugar BabyThe poor Babies have accumulated debt that stresses them out – tuition, credit cards, etc. Yes, life’s tough – get a helmet you silly entitled twits, and stop making bad decisions.

They don’t see working at a regular job as an option either, which makes me despair for the future of civilization.

What happens when the supply of willing rich older gents runs out, their pert parts begin to sag and their fresh faces lose their luster? What else might these youngsters think is acceptable in pursuit of what they want out of life?

Yup, the oldest profession being cloaked in soft words to make it sound like something benign. They get an ‘allowance’, and goodies like designer wear, while they do their thing and continue their education.

But the damned article in the Toronto Star was so annoying and shallow, it made my head throb. I wasn’t that desperate to craft another vapid blog post.

Luckily, I came across Jeremy’s very powerful video.

The religious aspect of his message isn’t too assertive – the premise is, if you BELIEVE, you CAN. He was diagnosed in standardized testing as a child who had low capability and low potential. But he proved them wrong.

Here’s what he said:
From being a failure in photography class to being named the most influential photographer on the Internet …

From making bad grades in school to launching an online learning platform, SEE University …

From being quiet and shy to marrying the most amazing woman on the planet and having four beautiful children …

From feeling purposeless to founding a nonprofit and giving voice to thousands of victims of natural disasters and war around the world …

If this one idea could do this for me, what could it do for you?

Jeremy embraced multiple media to achieve his aims – teaching the world the value of being different.  He talks about reconciliation and forgiveness for unspeakable atrocities caused by nature and war – the end message is that what we choose defines how we live out our lives. We have the power to change the world.
Warning: some of the the video narrative and photographs are raw, graphic and shocking. But his messages are so compelling and well presented, it’s worth the investment of 25 minutes of your time.
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The takeaway is, “Ideas can become reality, “speak your dreams into existence” – don’t let ‘voices’ keep you from achieving all that you can.