Winter is here. Ugh. I have to force myself to get out of the house, drive to Costco or the mall and walk. But, I’m pleased to say, I’ve done DDP Yoga every day except two since January 5th, which means eight workouts.


As soon as I finish brushing my teeth every morning, I grab my iPad, strap on the frigid cold heart rate monitor band and head to the ‘exercise room’ and do either two short workouts or one longer one. There are no weights involved but I’m surprised how hard some of the yoga poses are, because of the dynamic resistance, balance and stretching involved. My flexibility sucks, which is a shock, because I was always fairly limber. But sitting all day doesn’t help.

I stepped on the scale for the first time in two weeks and I’ve dropped two pounds, which is my goal – one pound a week. I really haven’t been modifying my diet too radically, either, I’ve had a few glasses of wine on the weekends and we’ve eaten out a few times, so there’s still room to cut back.

So I’m encouraged. Now if only I can get my damned novel editing done…