Knitted WIP

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Initial Color Selection - Berber Jacket P7050185

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It’s the kind of day when it’s hard to stay focussed. I know I should be working on my novel. Or finishing off the insurance company reimbursement forms for our therapeutic massages. Or going through my stash of sewing fabrics and beads and actually making something. Don’t feel like it. The siren call of the new crop of ^%$#@! dandelions is calling to me. Why can’t scientists invent something non-toxic and biological that actually works to control certain species of noxious growing things?

No, I’m not gonna make dandelion wine. I’ve tried it, didn’t like it. Why would I, do all that work for something mediocre on the tongue when I can buy fabulous beverages at the LCBO down the street? By the way, I picked up six bottles of Foreign Affairs Winery 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon. I went to the Vintages website last week, discovered that the store in Waterloo had a stash of 20 bottles (out of a total of 30 left in Ontario!), so I went to my local store, they called and in a couple of days, the wine had arrived. My gift to Hub, just because. And of course, he’ll share! No, I’m not using the tender green dandelion shoots in salads. Ugh. Raccoons and other furry things walk over the lawn and who knows where they’ve been? Raccoons don’t wash their hands and I’ll be darned if I’ll out out hand sanitizer and a warning sign in raccoon-speak telling them to clean up after they poop in the grass!

Wrap for Valerie (2)

Image by miracle design via Flickr

So I’ve been trolling the ‘net, amassing yet more recipes (some of which are low-fat) and craft projects. There are a slew of interesting blogs and websites offered by some enterprising women around the world. I stumbled across a fantastic site run by a Canadian – Of course, I joined up!

Jane espouses ‘free-range’ knitting, which means more or less unstructured garments constructed from a variety of fat/thin/embellished stash yarns in glorious waves of colour. Just what I needed. The older I get, the more impatient I am with beautifully photographed patterns with line-by-line instructions using expensive designer yarns, that end up not looking much like the money shot on the cover. So Jane is exactly what I needed as I wait for the procession of grey cool days to pass so I can get out into the garden.