It’s been raining since…forever. Makes me crave brownies or salted caramel cheesecake. Like the Fairy Godmother in Shrek, I want something chocolate or deep-fried.Think I’ll make some cookies.

On the positive side, I think I’ve finally worn Hub down – the kitchen planner is coming to morrow to measure for new cupboards and to talk about shifting the layout a bit. Thank goodness we’ve moved beyond the idea of simply painting the old doors.

Just as I began writing my blog, I got a call from “Mike” at some garbled name windows and door company. His accent was so thick, I could barely understand him.

Thing is, Hub and I had watched a segment on W5 last night when some poor uninformed woman got scammed into buying $25,000 in iTunes gift cards to pay off a bogus debt to some guy reading from a poorly worded script and purporting to be from the CRA.

I’m still shaking my head at how gullible the woman was. She admitted she didn’t even know what iTunes cards were. Lord have mercy – why didn’t she ask someone? Didn’t the store clerks notice what the hell was going on?

I was bored so I put on a super-bright voice and asked if he was still going to meet me at the Coffee Time at Bayview and York Mills for our date. The initial stunned silence told me I had a live one. I rattled on about what was he wearing and would be be there on time, and the poor bugger kept trying to read from his script and I kept breaking in. After five minutes, he hung up. Then I called 9 times from my cell phone (number is blocked) and left the handset by my computer speakers tuned to a high-pitched YouTube video. Yes, I wasted my time but heck, I wasn’t doing anything so productive it couldn’t wait a bit. Maybe I tied up their line and even saved someone from being victimized.

My writing inspiration has devolved to editing stuff I wrote ages ago. So once again, my fallback is looking at things that make me smile.

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Think I’ll go spread some grass seed. Have a fabulous weekend!