Monday and already it’s been a huge news week. Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup by a comfortable margin. Toronto fans are delirious they have something positive to cheer about. Hockey is becoming more and more irrelevant and people are getting used to spending their hard-earned cash on other activities. Maybe even saving a few bucks. Millionaires and billionaires throwing sand at each other. Silly.

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto was found to be in conflict of interest for a vote he cast in Council and the ruling is that he must step down in 14 days. It doesn’t matter if his heart is in the right place and he was trying to raise money for his football team/charity. The rules are clear – if you have an ‘interest’, not necessarily pecuniary, you shouldn’t vote. It’s not like the vote would have been lost without him. The thing that puzzles me is this – why didn’t he just cut a cheque for the amount and put the whole thing to rest? Now, he’s blaming the ‘Left’ who were out to get him? Isn’t that impugning the neutrality of the justice who heard the case? Isn’t this typical reaction from the entitled who just don’t get it – it’s not me, it’s them behaviour? Then there’s the coaching football when he was elected to lead Council, the reading behind the wheel and being on his phone while driving. Too many rules have been broken to excuse. I feel sorry for the guy, but he’s the author of his own demise.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi of Calgary is such a polar opposite. When I was out west in June, I visited a community library. Just inside the entrance was a life-size statue of the Mayor, holding his ‘book of the week’. Yes, every week, he lets the libraries know what he’s reading and they profile his selection. Talk about leading by example. He’s a huge booster of communities, building neighbourhoods and volunteerism. He’s been interviewed everywhere – I saw a clip of him speaking in Ottawa last week. Amazingly articulate, pleasant, measured, funny. The kind of person you want to listen to. Here’s a CBC interview.

Our first snowfall of the winter is hanging on. Oh well, it was inevitable and it does make the Christmas lights twinkle nicely.

For the rest of the week, I’ll be in Montreal. I’m taking VIA first class to meet my best friend (since 1961) for three days of shopping, getting caught up, great meals, martinis and no housework. We’re celebrating our milestone birthdays. Not sure if I’ll be posting – wouldn’t want to do a ‘drink and submit’. But there’ll be lots to write about, afterwards!


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