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What a brutish, destructive bout of hail, wind and slashing rain we experienced yesterday afternoon. It was both beautiful and frightening. For a while, being in our kitchen felt like standing in th e bottom of a tin pail. Marble-sized hail pounded the skylights, the windows and the new patio door sounding like rounds from a machine gun. The umbrella anchoring the glass-topped table on the deck blew over in slow motion, but it made a hell of a racket as it clanked against the shelf of the BBQ. Nothing broken, though. Too bad. It’s time for a new set and I was hoping….

My grandson and I had finished painting the three garage doors around noon (where do all the damned big ants come from and why do they have to stroll through the wet paint?). We’d eaten lunch outside (Mint Garden – yum) because the weather was so pleasant. A few hours later, I’d just finished touching up the baseboard paint in my office when I heard the first sweep of rain-borne wind bouncing the wind chimes around outside my window. Then the deluge began – loud and hard, with veils of wet-stuff blowing horizontally over the lawn, tossing the tree limbs like they were tissue paper. The backup power supplies protecting our electronic equipment squealed as the electric power cycled off and on, off and on. The kitchen appliances and clocks were blinking 3:25, 3:25. I reset them but after the third time, I stopped caring. Hub was trapped in his car outside of Canadian Tire for 15 minutes. He’d called to remind me to take in the chair cushions. Uh, no dear. At 6:45, when I stepped outside to survey the front yard there was still a pile of ice-balls beside the front steps. It’s summer and both cars were parked outside on the driveway. Luckily, the hail wasn’t large enough to do any damage. Dodged that one…literally.

Mother Nature had PMS (precipitation mighty scary) for about half an hour. Then the sun came out for five minutes of tease and the storms began again. Ouch. But we’re all fine – no damage and a reminder of the awesome power of the elements.