Is it just me or has ‘Talk Radio’ become a synonym for ‘bitchy and mean’ radio?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was savaged on an AM call-in show at the station that used to shelter the Ford buffoons. She’s a gentle soul who had no idea they’d set her up to prove their point of view and discredit hers. audio-2202_1920To add insult to injury, they invited her back to ‘clarify’ some of the points she made. All they did was pile on – after all, they had a willing victim. She was devastated, but the good thing about social media is that her friends rallied to her defence.

This morning, when I turned on my usual listen, I was appalled at how narrow-minded and whiny the host was. There’s a lot of outright misogyny and homophobia, they despise the less fortunate and demand tax cuts so they can continue with their redneck lifestyle. Trump-ism lives. Uh, people, you can’t run a country and deliver programs and services on air. Taxes, in moderation, are the ticket to a civil society.

With the federal election over and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his gender-balanced Cabinet in place, there is a lot of speculation and pretend-outrage by the mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers about how they will screw up. I mean, give them a chance to actually do something. The callers hate Kathlyn Wynn and the Ontario Liberals. I admit they’ve made some questionable decisions, but despite the avowed love for Conservative policies and Tim Hudak, Ms. Wynn handed the perpetually offended their cojones in a plastic bag. With a majority.

You can tell when there is limited interest in a topic because you keep hearing, ‘call now, lines are open’. Sure they are, few people are picking up on your inflammatory non-stories. I’ve actually heard them making stuff up in an effort to generate controversy.

While Hub and I were in Asia, half a day ahead of Ontario in terms of time zones, we’d eagerly fire up our iPads and search for CBC news coverage. In between, we’d be glued ot the screens alternating between shows hosted by Rosemary Barton. Where has she been all these years? Rosie is the smartest, most even-tempered, engaging television host we’ve seen. If the CBC had more on-air folks like her, they might sway opinion about their value as a national broadcaster.

Rosie has great guests. It used to make my head hurt watching Michelle Rempel from Calgary spew talking points and the party line, but Rosie would have none of it. “That’s not what I asked you”, was a constant refrain for the Conservative robots. Yeah, for genuine journalism.

We PVRd Power and Politics and now we’re binge-watching. So what if the news if a week old? It’s fresh for us.

Talk Radio? Their day is done. The FM stations are not much better – a lot of vacuous chatter and the same fiver songs on their playlists. Move along, nothing to see here.

I’m trying to figure out how to get National Public Radio instead. Might have to bite the bullet and get a streaming device of some sort.

newspapers-444447_1280Two daily newspapers to read over a leisurely breakfast, online articles from the Globe & Mail – fresh news! Hot, strong coffee. Frost on the lawn.

It’s great to be home again.