Have you heard about ‘SugarBabies’? No, not the chocolate covered packages of candies.

These 21st century sweets are young women – usually under 30 and/or college/university students – who advertise themselves as companions for (usually) older men with disposable income. ‘Girlfriends for hire’ is the euphemistic term. It’s so mainstream that Global news covered the phenomenon on Tuesday evening.

They interviewed a couple of the young women who command upwards of $1000 for an interaction. Monthly allowances – negotiated through the web site that hooks up the buyers and sellers – can rise to $10,000 a month.The funds cover university tuition, clothing, cars, jewellery, travel, etc. Thank goodness no one tried to pass it off as ‘companionship’. That would have made me toss my cookies.


From: http://www.thelocal.fr/20140327/controversy-over-arrival-of-us-sugar-babies-site

The men who appeared on camera talked about the freedom to choose with ‘no strings attached’. What I found especially interesting was that neither the SugarBabies nor the SugarDaddies were especially attractive. But that’s neither here nor there when the issue is a financial transaction.

I’m surprised at the lack of righteous indignation. Or simple concern about the young women’s future. There aren’t that many on record in Canada yet, but there has long been an underground economy where attractive university students (usually women) have funded their educations by working as ‘dancers’ and ‘escorts’. I ask myself, is the prospect of employment at a real job for 20 or 30 years so distasteful that peddling your ass is a viable option? Seems so. And we’re not just talking about pocket change, either. The cost of being a consort starts at four figures.

The old saw, “How you going to keep them down on the farm, after they’ve seen Paris?” comes to mind. When a young woman has had a SugarDaddy fronting them four or five thousand dollars a month for a few years, the real world is going to seem cold, scary and lonely.

We’ve heard that Economic prospects for the Millennials have worsened. But wait? How are they going to adapt to being a wage slave in a cube farm for half that amount of money as they build their work resume? Or will they just turn their sights on marrying one of the rich guys, sticking around long enough to get half of his net worth in the division of marital property? Who in their right mind would suggest being a SugarBaby is a legitimate way to finance their education instead of working part-time in retail or at a fast food joint? It’s ‘me, me, me’, isn’t it?

The SugarBabies want what they want when they want it. Damn the long-term psychological or physical consequences. Actually, the whole idea makes my skin crawl.

The entry of the US-based sexpreneurs into the marketplace has caused controversy: “The launch of a controversial US dating site in France that seeks to pair up rich businessmen with hard-up young ‘sugar babies’ has prompted anger in some quarters with feminist groups calling it “disguised prostitution”. They have asked the government to take action.”

It’s ironic that France, the bastion of infidelity and afternoon delights since the beginning of recorded time, is taking issue with philandering for hire.

sugar-daddy-stats-720In my day (doesn’t that just make me sound like a grumpy old fart?), this kind of ‘relationship’ was talked about with knowing winks and lots of innuendo. Words like ‘slut’ and ‘dirty old man’ were bandied about. I mean, that’s what ‘call girls’ did – they exchanged their company and sexual favours for money and trinkets. They made a lot of money while they still had their fresh looks – arm candy does not increase in value with age.

Then came the ‘serial monogamists’ – big name athletes and people famous for being famous – who married nubile young women, were photographed everywhere that counted and fathered a couple of trophy babies. In time, the relationship cooled and after headline-grabbing infidelities followed by a divorce settlement, the next Mrs. Whoever, all siliconed and capped toothed, would step into her predecessor’s designer stilettos. The cycle would repeat itself until the men were so worn out or broke or wizened that even the scent of all their money could not persuade any woman to do the deed.

Do these young women declare their income and pay taxes? Hmmm. I wonder if Canada Revenue Agency is watching?