For years I’ve faithfully maintained a HootSuite account to make it simpler to post simultaneously to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, etc.


That’s supposed to save time, but lately, it’s become an obligation and more of a nuisance. I’m feeding the machine, but the wheels are stuck in the mud of TMI (too many inputs)!

Every evening, while Hub and I watch the news, I peruse dozens of articles about the writing craft to select those I think will be of interest to my readers and schedule them months in advance. Organized, right?

You know what? I’m tired of it. There’s just too much damned noise out there.  So many of the articles I read are contradictory, self-congratulatory, condescending or repetitive.

How much more do I need to know about topic A, B or C? I’ve concluded, not much. People are more important – face to face interactions.


How have I accumulated 400 followers on Twitter? Haven’t done anything special. Sure, I’ve followed some folks whoom I admire or whose feeds are useful, but I simply can’t keep up. I can waste an entire morning on social media, skipping from clip to clip and following links.

Many of the people I used to trust have resorted to posting click-bait. A sentence or two then pitching for me to ‘buy this course/webinar/book’. I’m unsubscribing from newsletters and RSS feeds and podcasts, because they’ve become just so much dreck.

branch-73326_640The other thing is, many of the services I use like Hootsuite, are priced in $US, which means I’m a victim of the sunken $CAD and fork out 40% more every year. And because of restrictive cancellation policies, I’m locked in until next March when I can cancel without being penalized. Bad business decision that way.

The cost of Evernote is jumping again. I’m on the fence with that one, because I use the clipping thingy every day and use the recipes/craft patterns/articles I save.

If I’m posting, I’m not writing or thinking about my writing. That’s self defeating. I’m done with trying to ‘build an author platform’ this way. It seems counter-productive.

My tribe? Bah, I don’t have one. I’ve never been much of a joiner.


Besides, no one is clamoring to know what I’m doing of when I’ll publish the next best thing. Not that I know of.

I’m going to rein it in and focus on hanging out with a few writers who engage with their craft the way I do. Cut down on workshops and online fribble.


Time to focus on what’s important – my writing. So the blogging will continue. And I’m going to give posting visual stories to YouTube a try.

I’m going to save my money (to spend on other things) and stop wasting energy on efforts that have limited return on investment.  I’ll keep blogging, though.


Buh-bye to social media, except for recreational purposes. I’m off to build my writing circle and build my brand, MY WAY.