pile-of-words-cropped-medium.jpgRustabout – an old geezer who sits on the couch all day staring at nothing and wishing fondly for the ‘good old days’

Eagleization – turning swathes of forest into sanctuaries because someone spotted what they thought was an endangered species

Fantigue – Anxiety, irritation

Surfeitishist – someone who is addicted to having too much of everything

Presciouspicious – on the edge of being suspicious that something might be of more value than it appears to be (Antiques Roadhow)

Carnibore – a meat eater who revels in regaling vegetarians about the humongous steak he ate last week

Manimum – a guy who stays home with the kids every day

Adoxography – Skilled writing on an unimportant subject

Cacography – bad handwriting or spelling

Pyknic – Short and fat

Agastopia – admiration of a particular part of someone’s body

Zomotherapy – medical treatment using raw meat