Last year this time, I’d received a spate of new followers. It was gratifying and surprising but when I look at my statistics for readers, they seem to have evaporated like the wind. Never heard from them again. Vamoosed. <sigh> Oh well. Maybe once I start posting some hot short stories I’ll attract a new wave of followers. Too bad I couldn’t get myself geared up to ‘expose’ my writing while all the hype about ‘Shades’ was ramping up. Another opportunity lost. Or perhaps just deferred.



Today’s blast from last (year)…

I’ve had a flurry of new followers in the last few weeks.  Thanks for the ‘follow’: Mr. Smith, Bri Bruce, Julian Sherman, Raluca Stoica, Tutorials 4 View, Colombian Cuties, Girls Are Pretty and Cutie Latin Pie. I’ve checked out your websites and Gravatars. The last three are particularly similar and…interesting.

As much as I’m happy to ‘see’ you, I’m not sure this is the place all of you folks were looking for. I won’t be covering celebutantes, fruity alcoholic beverages, gossip, skimpy clothing, dating, men, sex, cosmetic surgery, religion, etc.

This is a journal/blog about me (a senior citizen/writer/researcher/consultant in the policing sector/grandmother/gardener). I’m documenting being Mindful for a Year. My journey over the next ten months – a serious endeavor – will be to lose weight and fat and become healthier and more balanced in my life. That’s what I’ll be talking about when I’m not writing fiction. It’s hard work – writing, eating healthy, exercising more. Nothing exciting, just my mundane day-to-day challenges and victories.

I’m not some middle-aged nerd sitting in the basement of his parents’ house trolling for women/men ‘friends’. Don’t need a mortgage, car loan, job leads, an MBA, magazine subscriptions, weight loss supplements, organ enhancements, wrinkle creams, hearing aids, Christian/faithful/horny men or electronics. I’m not interested in search engine optimization, cosmetic surgery, email marketing or the party girl life.

Having said that, you’re welcome to stick around if what I write appeals to you in some way. Then again, I’ll completely understand when you decide to depart. No hard feelings.