candleThere’ll be no light-hearted blog about stupid first-world issues. On a day like no other in Canada, who cares about the progress of my writing or my exercise progress or the sights I’ve seen?

I am sick. Sick at heart. Sick to my stomach. Sick of trying to understand these senseless acts by cowardly scum with guns. A young man who chose to serve his country – Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24 years old, a young father proud of his service – was shot dead as he stood in a sacred place on Parliament Hill.  Unsuspecting. Totally exposed. Doing his duty. God rest his soul and give his family the strength to carry on. May God smite those who commit evil and pretend that there is some quasi-religious reason.

The loser who committed this atrocity was shot dead. Rot in hell is all that I can think of. Now the ‘sad anger’ of not knowing exactly why, will haunt us.

This is Canada. And I have to admit that I hoped we’d be immune from the insanity that is gripping the world, fueled by fanaticism. It’s no longer remote; it’s happening at home, on our doorsteps, in front of our eyes.

Today, our innocence was irrevocably destroyed. The scales have fallen from our eyes. We should not be intimidated by terrorism, but we now have to adopt a heightened protective approach to secure ourselves against those who wish to do us ill for no other reason than that we are strong and free and democratic. How petty our bitching about party politics seems now.

I pray that our leaders forget partisanship and false words and do what they have to do to safeguard our way of life.