Canada Day Fireworks Finally 2 [Woodbine Beach]
Image by Delfi Jingles via Flickr

Ok. It’s a gorgeous Canada Day weekend – brilliantly sunny skies (except for the thunder-boomer last night), a bit of a breeze, ankle-high thick lawn that’s cool and silky between my toes. The fireworks on Friday night were spectacular.

But miscreants never sleep. Thank goodness for the good folks from some down-market town in India who keep calling to tell me in excited tones that they’ve detected an evil virus infecting my computer. The first time, I was polite and said, no thanks. I’ve read about this scam in the Toronto Star.

“Where are you calling from?”

“Um. Toronto.”

“What’s the nearest intersection?” Click.

The second time, I asked for his name and telephone number. He said his name was Bob and he started to give me the spiel about infections and Microsoft calling, repeating “But, madam, yes madam, it’s very bad, I can assist you…” Finally, I asked Bob what colour eyes he has and what was he wearing. Then I said I didn’t have a computer. Click. Come on, Bob/Purdeep, where’s your sense of daring? You’re trying to weasel a credit card number out of me but you don’t want to play?

The third caller was much more proficient at the boiler-room technique. I figure they must have a hierarchy of scammer-assholes with increasingly bad telephone attitudes. This guy just kept talking, talking, talking. I let him go on for about 5 minutes because time is money to these jerks and if he was yapping at me, maybe some poor soul was being spared a ripoff (I could hear the pages turning in the background). Then I said I was tracing the call, I knew his name and I’d be contacting the landlord of the building where he was located in India. Click.

The sad thing is, it’s July 2011 and there are still gullible folks who get sucked in. If the guy can’t give you a telephone number or email address where you can contact him, how can he possibly be legit? As if Microsoft or anyone else can access your hard drive and traipse through it to see what’s there. Not quite yet.