Gourmet Turtle Fudge (Chocolate with Pecans & ...                      Image via WikipediaThe website for the Culinary Arts College contains a list of 77 Mouth-Watering Baking Blogs.
Cakes, cookies, breads, fudge and other candies as well as general information. Yum. And of course, each blog has lists of archived material and recipes and leads to new pages.  

Great blog names, too – “She runs, she eats”, “Hungry and Frozen”, “Dragon’s Kitchen”, which also has some great photos of her recent trip to Portugal. Makes you hunger for travel.

A photo of a cup of coffee.So pour yourself a cup of hot tea or cocoa or coffee and set aside a couple of hours for this culinary journey. And make sure you have a tissue nearby – this is definitely a slow trip through droolsville! 
Remember, there’s no shame in making a list of what you want to bake – Christmas is coming, so you can get started now and do taste-tests until you get the recipes right!!
Before you do, though, put a pair of comfortable shoes by the door so you can walk off your sweet indulgences and keep yourself fit for the next batch!!
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