I have to say that being away from the mundanities of daily life was inspiring. The resort we stayed in – Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay – was exactly what we needed. Quiet. No drunken loogans or noisy parties. No schlocky evening shows put on by bored failed fine arts students. Every mourning, we’d get up without an alarm clock (one of the benefits of retirement), wander down to the pool, pick up our beach towels and drape them over our chairs and sit down for a lovely breakfast at the Bistro.

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Then we’d repair to our little gazebo and spend the day lolling in the shade, listening to the soothing shush of ocean waves against a backdrop of muted R&B and music that reminded me of sock hops in high school. Totally restful. I got so much writing and reading done. Slept like a baby. Drank a lot of wine and ate great meals. Remembered why I’m so crazy about Hub and the life we share.

Better yet, Hub and I got to talk about the stalled ending of my novel. The second day in, I had a brainwave. I’d been watching videos of the television series Scandal and realized that Kenora should be more like Olivia Pope – a kickass, get the job done kinda gal who is a fixer and not a fair maiden who waits to be rescued. Realizing that made it easier for me to ramp up the action and make Kenora take control of wrapping up the investigations she was assigned to. Having done that, though, I have to revisit the beginnings, but that’s not hard. We figured out the plot arcs for the other two novels in the series, so I have no excuse not to leap ahead. Even better, I started on another novel called ‘Out of the Woods’.

Before we left on holidays, I’d downloaded Office 365. Yowza. What I really liked was being able to access my documents from the Cloud. I could write on my iPad and know that when I closed the document, it would be saved for ready access from my laptop or desktop. Sure it’s $99 a year but I can install it on all my devices as well as my laptop and new Hackintosh computer. I am so pumped.

My work contract is finished March 27th and as much as I could continue and still be productive, I’ve accepted that it is finally time to retire from work and concentrate on my writing. Hub is actually counting down the days. He’s missed me being around during the day, although he spends most of his time in front of his monitor. Being on holidays together – being able to hang out or do our own thing, but side-by-side – reminded me of what I’ve been missing. I haven’t missed the daily housework thing but it will be nice not to have to wake up to the alarm at 6:30 every morning.

We’ve committed to getting away every month or so to keep the transpiration fresh. I can’t wait to get back to walking a couple of kilometers every day, but I confess, I’m fearful of messing with my healing hip joint. Whatever…time for a reboot. Life is very good.