Last spring, we travelled to Albuquerque and Santa Fe for a conference Hub spoke at. As usual, we took a tour around town and ended up at the new Railyard Artisan & Metaphysical Market in Santa Fe. Long with organic vegetables and unique flavours of honey, there were displays of crafts that caught my eye.

We sampled cheeses so good they made my eyes water. Hub and I chatted about pairing some of them with amazing wines from our cellars, but then we remembered the Canada Revenue Agency rules about bringing in foreign food products and decided to fill our face in the market and savour the moment.

1-IMG_2958One of the women I met – Liz – made the most amazing out-there jewellery concoctions with lots of silver and natural stones. She had cases of necklaces, finger rings and earrings that I lusted after. Big, bold signature pieces that were serious attention-getters. I didn’t buy anything, though, because as I held each piece in my hands, I realized that I had enough supplies in my stash at home to construct something similar.

The pièce de résistance of our tour through the huge marketplace was meeting her buddy Eric the fashion designer. He was resplendent in a maxi shirt, tailored jacket with shirt and tie, acid green kitten heeled shoes, a bowler hat and tasteful accessories. He was totally in touch with his inner self and comfortable in his own skin. Something to think about as we look in the mirror and critique ourselves for not being tall enough or thin enough or muscular enough. Enough for what, I ask? Liz and Eric have it going on.

Your body is your temple. It gets you up in the morning and carries you through your day. Yes, I’m working to change mine to be leaner and fitter, but I still love what I’ve got.