I should be happy that it’s a long weekend. We enjoyed a big family dinner last night – the first BBQ ribs and chicken of the season. We couldn’t sit outside to eat because we’d have needed a heater and fleece jackets. Bah! Potato salad and coleslaw just aren’t as tasty if you’re not sweating just a bit. The lawn looks great, though. And the bulbs are magnificent. The apple and cheery trees are just edging into full leaf. I’d say that things are about three weeks later than last year. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a damp, moldy-smelling cottage this weekend. Been there; done that. Made birch bark crafts and glued pine cone wreaths. Got beaten at too many games of checkers. When the weather is inclement up north, it’s just too uncomfortable to do much except kvetch and be grateful the bugs haven’t hatched yet.

fireworksThe last two nights have been punctuated by the pops of firecrackers. Tonight will be the ‘big show’. Luckily, we can view the Newmarket fireworks extravaganza from our kitchen window. We can set up our comfy chairs and sip wine indoors as the flaming balls, starburst fountains, sparklers, rockets, and repeater aerials shower coloured fire through the sky.

We’ll celebrate each other and be grateful that we live in Canada.