MJB_140409_061I ditched the blog entry I was going to do today. Instead, I’m going to write about a young woman who has inspired in me a love so powerful, it’s hard to describe.

From the time she came into our lives she has been a rare jewel. Her uncle, my son, was 19 years old when he helped pull her into the world. She’s had some ups and downs but her spirit has always shone like a beacon. She shares our genetic makeup – the determination (some would say stubbornness), a tendency to worry about not being perfect, the determination to win and be the best she can be, the sense of humour and compassion, the laser focus and hatred of injustice. Best of all, she is a good friend.

I could go on and on, but you get my drift. My amazing granddaughter has brought us such joy and engendered so much pride in her accomplishments in the face of adversity that I am in awe at the promise life holds for her. She’s been accepted at three universities, so look out world. She’s a difference-maker.

The photo was taken at school and does not capture the fullness of her beauty or the warmth and intelligence she has. But when I look at it, I catch my breath because I see my beloved mother’s features overlaid with hers.