noskinnyOkay. I know it seems perverse, but I love these vintage ads. They take me back to another time when we were younger, no one worried about global warming and life was much less complicated. After I divert myself with a laugh, however, it’s back to real life.

I have the curves but there’s way too much ‘stuff’ layered on top, so it’s back to exercising to tighten everything up. Isn’t it ironic that back in the day when folks had to walk everywhere and there wasn’t enough money for the basics, never mind treats, advertisers appealed to women’s desire to be plump and more attractive to men. Check out the leering bozos on the left.

My step count was way down today because I was at home finishing off my European Pattern Drafting homework projects. Aside from a run to Fabricland for jeans buttons, metal zippers and stay tape, I spent my time at the sewing machine in the kitchen and running upstairs to my sewing room for fitting and pressing. It was another good day.

Beck Diet Solutions: Wednesday Sabotage

Sabotaging Thought: It’s okay to eat this extra food because I’ll make up for it later.

Response: When has “making up for it later” EVER really worked? I need to learn how to be consistent with my eating so I’m not constantly tempted to eat more. Every time I eat extra, I make it harder to not eat extra the next time. Once I become more consistent, the struggle will go down and dieting will get easier.

True. Another thing I learned is that a feeling of hunger is not an emergency.

Think Thin Tip:

Cravings do not just get worse and worse until you can’t stand it. Cravings are like waves – they swell and then recede. Cravings always go away, even if you never put a bite of food in your mouth. If you wait it out, it will go away! And if you get distracted, it will go away even more quickly.

The thing is, if I’m not working on something, I tend to get distracted easily. There’s so much that I want to learn and do. I have to become more efficient so I can cram more activities into my day.

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