Beck Diet Solutions: Tuesday Reality Check

It tends to only be when dieters are off track and struggling that they wonder, “Is it worth it to keep putting in the effort?” When they’re on track and feeling in control, they don’t struggle with this question. If you’re asking yourself, “Is it worth it?” remind yourself that once you’re back on track and feeling great, the answer is always YES!

Sumo-blog My thighs are still squawking from my workout at the gym on Sunday. I did a lot of work on my lower body because that’s where the bulk (yes, I use that term deliberately) of my muscles are. Here’s an exercise almost any can do. If you have balance issues, hold on to the counter top or back of a chair.

I did ten flights of stairs but I’m still only in second place. It was too chilly today to walk outside so I did 45 minutes of yoga at work. Not too strenuous, but boy, are my muscles feeling stretched.

For supper tonight, Hub and I had baked lobster ravioli in a pesto cream sauce for dinner, accompanied by a glass of white wine. I didn’t think of trying to justify why I was eating it. I wanted it, I cooked it, I sat down and mindfully enjoyed every bite.