Brrr. It’s a crisp sunny Sunday here in the Greater Toronto area. Despite the calendar arrival of spring, that cruel sow Mother Nature keeps dumping snow on us. The weather boffins are predicting -14 by the end of the week. What’s the joke – what other profession is there where you can be wrong more than half the time and still keep your job? Meteorologist. Sad, but true.

skydiverbadgeBut hooray for me! I got another badge from FitBit. I am officially a floor climbing wizard of skydiver proportions! 1000 flights of stairs in about three months.

But I’ve fallen behind my two co-FitBitters this week and am back in third place. My friend Diana is a beast, racking up 60,000 steps or more in a week. And April is not far behind. Guess it’s time to ramp up my steppage.

I can do this! Off to the gym today to pump some iron and work on my abs (where are you hiding, abs? I know you’re in there somewhere!) Eat less, move more, drink more water.