headofwomanfrom gettyHappy St. Patrick’s Day – I think. It’s been a frustrating couple of days. I think my writerlyalchemy website has been hijacked because my password no longer works and wordpress.com has locked me out. Of course I’ve tried every password I can think of. Now so I’ll have to wait until one of their ‘Happiness Engineers’ can get around to answering my cry for help. Hopefully with something positive to say. Help me, oh goddess of technology!

It all started when I backed up my files and saved them to my hard drive, with the intention of importing them here so that I wouldn’t have to work on two blogs at once. As much fun as it was to have the free site, I was getting annoyed by the restrictions imposed (templates, widgets, flexibility). I had to change my gravatar – that little picture that’s supposed to appear next to my login name. But it seems that I’ve cloned my sites or something freakish like that, because my photo appears on one version but the pen and spilled ink appears on another. <sigh>. Guess I’ll have to contact my trusty fixer web guy and have him work some magic.

I actually missed being able to sit watching TV while I prepared my daily message. And I have no easy way of contacting my faithful followers to tell them I’m offline. Rats. Oh well. I racked up a lot of steps this weekend. It seems the sunny weather is inspiring me to move more. Cleaning out closets. Purging clothes I haven’t worn for a few years. Not because they don’t fit, but because I want new ones and have pledged not to bring in another garment until I get rid of some that I already have. Goodwill, here I come.

Good will. Yes. Clean closets: clean mind.