I’ve watched half a dozen training videos on the Elegant Themes website and I’m beginning to get the hang of this website design thing. What I really like is the drag and drop module approach that I hope to capitalize on as I become more proficient. There’s so much more to learn but I don’t have time to be a sleuth right now.

2014-06-06 12.55.58I don’t feel very inspired to write today, but when I saw this graphic I had to smile. I remember the shenanigans that took place in Mr. DeLuca’s English class. During a French exam in grade 12, I think, my friend Jess (who is francophone, by the way), could not remember the word for ’tissue’. Good little brown-noser that I was, I knew my vocabulary. The word was mouchoir. But showing her a Kleenex wouldn’t achieve much. There’s a similar word – mouche – which means fly as in housefly. I remember coughing then blowing my nose, but that didn’t help. I can’t recall exactly how I gave her the clue – maybe there was a dead bug on the floor or something. It finally clicked and she scribbled the answer and got her mark. Still makes me chuckle.

There are so many choices with this versatile theme, my head is spinning. I’m hoping this blog entry shows up on the main page, but if it doesn’t, I’ll figure out how to fix it (eventually). Next on my list of to-dos is a comments/discussion page that doesn’t attract spammers.