Just as Hub and I were assembling a lunch of BBQ leftovers, the phone shrilled. A super-cherry high-pitched voice said, “Hi, my name is Amy and I’m thrilled to tell you you’ve won a cruise to Bermuda and…” Of course after I said a few obscenities, I clicked off.It’s the same voice of the con called ‘Carol’ who’s very stern about us taking the proper steps to ensure the safety of our credit rating. Yeah, ‘Carol’. Ensure this you cow….

We laughed at the most recent caller Hub took from ‘Microsoft’. The ‘technician’ said his name was ‘Todd’. Sure, ‘Todd’ from Bangalore. Hub put him on hold (radio station music plays in the background) and went off to do something for a few minutes. When he returned, ‘Todd’ was still on the line. You could almost feel sorry for the poor schmuck.  Time is money for those telemarketers and you’d think they had a long list of suckers to reel in. Maybe business has slowed down. But there’s an epidemic of the willing waiting to scam the gullible. I know I kvetch about it a lot, but my time is valuable, too.

You know, I’ve published 382 posts to my WordPress blogs. Does anyone that I care about read them? I know of a few, but aside from them I honestly have no idea. The lovely little Google analytics box shows clusters of short and tall blue tracking data.Perhaps I’m toiling away in obscurity in the words wilderness. That sort of bothers me, but I write for the joy of it, not necessarily for eyes on the screen. That has to change, though.

Real people can’t seem to find me – which means I have a lot of work to do on building my platform is I’m going to leverage it into a useful vehicle for promoting my short stories and novels. Right now, I’m writing every day to keep my hand in. There’s a discipline – sometimes annoying but more frequently inspiring – to having to write something every day and post it within a certain window of time. I have to say that aside from the blog I’m not producing any completely new long works, but my own editing has gotten better.

Dammit, those bloody spammers are a nuisance. They style themselves with names of major brands – certainly not with permission. That’s not the biggest annoyance. It’s the gibberish like this: “Whoa that may be quite a listing. We probably won’t buy one bring about a few of their competition offer more worthiness. Or even might increase it over moment.” Some idiot supposedly using a UK domain name address left me that little nugget of crap.

I want revenge. Heck, I’m a writer – I can make that happen. What I think I’m going to do is use some of the more understandable stupid comments for story starters when I’m not feeling inspired to write. I’ll use names, too. As Yoda would say, “Mock you I must.”