maskedladyshutterstock_80602333We all hide. Sometimes it’s tucking away the naked truth with little white lies or lies of omission – usually to spare someone we care about from the sharp edge of our critical tongue or to avoid confrontation. We fear unpleasant interactions – that’s human nature.

We hide by not facing irritants head-on – turning the other cheek not to be heroic but because we can’t face the bully or we’re too polite to blow off the in-our-face idiot who makes our teeth ache from frustration. We crave the safety of status quo. Change could mean failure, right? We fear the unknown.

fitbit todayThese are my FitBit stats for today. I’m really proud that I almost got to 10,000 steps but it took a lot of effort.

I drove to the mega mall close to the office, parked my car far away and walked over to the Wal-Mart to find some casual pants for Hub. We’re going to the Maritimes this week and the stuff he’s been wearing are shiny with age. He hates shopping, so unless I want him looking like a hobo (my opinion) it’s up to me to clothe his Swedish butt with some new stuff. When I got home, I changed into shorts and sneakers and hiked up to the post office to drop off some greeting cards.

Of course, when I got home I was starved for pasta and made some penne with pesto cream sauce with bacon bits and grilled shrimp. No wine, though. But I’m hungry for more carbs. Must be hormones. Or is it the full moon? No matter – I’ll have one square of chocolate chip oatmeal bar. This weight loss journey is really hard, and some days I want to just give up and quit because the results are small and frustratingly slow to achieve…but I’ll get there.