What is up with this weather? Of course yesterday we took the heavy bedspread off and put on the light summer sheets (goodbye for now flannelette). Summer colours, summer weight. But wait – the temperature fell to 10 degrees last night. I woke up around 2 p.m. freezing and spread a quilt over myself. Hub, in all of his Swedish hotness, only had one sheet over his body and slept soundly.

2013-11-12-1158How I long for the dry heat of Dubai, where there’s scarcely a breath of wind and no one but crazy Westerners walks outside for any length of time. It took a few days to dawn on me that, unlike most other cities we’ve visited over the years, there were not dogs. At all. Of course, in Islam, dogs are filthy unholy beasts.

Dubai is so obviously a very rich place – the male Emirati stroll around in those blindingly white dishdash and those sporty Keffiyeh held in place with thick black cord. The women are clad from head to toe in black. Unlike in Canada (where the weather would make it hazardous and dirty) their abaya or robes drag dramatically on the ground, almost like mini-trains. Up close, you can see that their sleeves and necklines are adorned with Swarovski crystals or jewels.

2013-11-12-1189But the piece de resistance is the refuse bins. They are beautifully painted and look more like street art that garbage receptacles. Flowers and geometric designs.

Then there are the cell phone towers disguised to look like palm trees. What a place. Always hot….