Ah, I have to write this quickly … just in case something goes kerflooey. It seems that the Application Manager in my anti-virus anti-spam anti-alien invasion program is blocking access to my web domain host. I have no idea why or what to do to fix it. The problem seems to be with my desktop and not my laptop. This is a major pain.  See, I posted that thing yesterday about UFOs and life on other planets and today, this. I fell like shouting a lot of bad words at my CPU but have to keep telling myself, it’s just a dumb box full or circuits and wires.

Wasn't he the ultimate in uncool, stern, judgmental father figure?

Wasn’t he the ultimate in uncool, stern, judgmental father figure?

I know what the ultimate solution is – I have to reformat my hard drive but dammit, I have over 500 gigabytes of stuff. 10,000 photos, more documents than I can remember, some dating back to 1998. Music, videos, audio books. It has been a couple of years so perhaps it’s time. You know, like in the spring when you do a cleanse or swallow four glasses of Metamucil to clean out the intestinal pipes. Ugh. Not for a few weeks – too much to get done.

We were supposed to have a fire drill at work this morning. It was pouring rain and folks were running back and forth to he parking garage searching in their vehicle for umbrellas. Then, about 13 minutes before bell-time, we got a mass email that the drill had been cancelled. What? Made me laugh.