This is one of those days. I just finished editing my 500 page manuscript and sending it into the ether to my mentor, Sam Hiyate. The terms of engagement do not include a guarantee that I’ll get representation down the road, but ever since I met Sam a few years ago and did a pitch session with him at the Ontario Writers’ Conference last year, I’ve been impressed by his forthright assessments.That’s what I need at this stage of developing my craft.

IpHONE pIX 032Of course it was a shock when he suggested that I cut the first 20,000 words from my novel. Once I did that though (I only consigned them to the ‘for later’ file), the novel came to life again. I’d been stalled for months. I know I’ll have to do some deep cuts – the book is just too long. I’m not worried though because I already have 3/4 of the second volume of the series written. I’m pumped. Writing this blog every day has also given me focus – I’ve got more writing energy than ever.

The scary thing is that I’m on the brink of putting my writing out there for people other than friends and family to see. Onwards!