No, not the variety of peaches or the woman, but the province. In Canada. Out west. Nestled at the eastern border of the Rocky Mountains. Beautiful place, beautiful people.

I’m off to Edmonton and Calgary next week to do some interviews (scour the brains of some policing experts on the promotional process) then I’m off to spend some time with my cousin, Leslynn (who is more like the sister I never had) and my 86 year old Aunty. She taught me how to do a proper putting swing – eyes on the ball, back, steady, forward, follow through. She’s had two holes-in-one in the past 20 years, which is remarkable. I’m just happy getting within striking range of the pin. My cousin Neville (one of her six children) gifted her a trip to the Masters this spring. She had front-row seats for all of the action and loved it. This is the first year that Aunty has not played golf every day at Pinebrook. I sense she’s slowing down a bit.Aunty is one of the most positive, gentle, lovely women I know. She reminds of me Maya Angelou, in fact.

When we visited last year for her big birthday party, I promised to come out to see her every year for her birthday. I love Alberta, partly because that is where my mom spent her final years and partly because of the magnificent Rocky Mountains where we’d slipped her ashes into the mouth of the Bow River. She passed away  July 4th, 1998. Until we flew over the Andes Mountains from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina in 2012,  I thought I’d been closest to God in the Rockies.

This is such a glorious country, no matter what the flaws are with governments and our politicians. This is a day to celebrate what we are. We are blessed to live in such a phenomenal country – Canada.

(Remember to breathe) Alberta – Travel Alberta