Last week, I attended the Ontario Library Association Super Conference at the Metro Convention Centre. There were over 4000 delegates registered from Canada and the US – an amazing assembly of dedicated, energetic professionals.

One of the after lunch sessions was a talk by Neil Pasricha, author of The Book of Awesome and two follow-up bestsellers. Now anyone who’s ever been to a conference knows that the post-carb-laden lunch time slot is the most challenging, especially in a dimly lit room of strangers.  But there was no lethargy, because Neil is a dynamic, engaging presenter.

I’d heard him speak before, at Word on the Street, before he became uber-famous. You know something? He is still the same honest, humble, humorous young man he was back then. Not a shred of artifice. Great advice. One of the videos he showed us was this one, about the power of affirmations and positive thought.