OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToo bad brutal winds and frigid cold weather don’t have a thermic effect on body fat. As much as I hate the winter weather, I’d stand out on the deck naked for half an hour a day if it did! A potential mega-storm called the ‘Polar Vortex’ is on the way. Muffle up, folks.

My new swimming stroke mantra is, ‘fit and lean’, toned and strong’, ‘hungry is okay’. Works fine and I find I tend to swim faster when I repeat it. Big bonus at work today. The building where I work is huge, but the third floor has security doors and the second floor is off limits. But in the basement, I discovered that I can do a complete circle with no obstructions. It wasn’t boring because I was listening to an audio book. I got inspired when I passed the gym where a dozen uber-fit officers were pumping iron. Motivating, but I’m not going in there. Today I did 1672 steps in 18 minutes. Probably if I tuned into a playlist of disco, rock or rap, I’d get a faster rhythm going.

I felt hungry because I was at my desk all day and couldn’t divert myself. For lunch, I had barley pilaf and an oven baked chicken breast with a cup of steamed broccoli. Barley has a nice chew to it and it does take time to eat. It’s high in fiber, too. Next time, I’ll make it spicier. While I used to enjoy looking for/at recipes, I’m already tired of thinking about what I want to eat, planning what I should be eating, packaging things up in portion controlled containers. Another bad habit to break – coming home and thawing something out, then rushing to get a meal on the table that’s buttery and crispy and a head of romaine doused in Caesar salad dressing.

The woman at the desk next to mine was eating chocolate today. I could smell it even though I couldn’t see it over the wall of my cube. Unconsciously, she was going, ummmm, as she nibbled pieces from the bar and let them melt in her mouth. I popped a couple of tiny mints instead and walked down the hall. Aversion therapy, I guess. Some day…once I’ve reached my lean and fit goals. My meal plans still have too many carbs and not enough protein. I could eat more meat if I was allowed to have bacon, couldn’t I? Bacon dipped in chocolate. Ummmm.

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