Well, it’s almost the end of January. I’ve done not too badly, but it’s the weekend and I’ve cut back on my food intake so that I can have a second glass of wine as we watch TV tonight.  I think I’ll go to the gym tomorrow. Being at home really cuts back on my step count, although going up and down the stairs does help to burn off some calories.

Yoga starts Tuesday at work. Bought some new yoga gear at Winners. My old gym stuff is okay for the community centre facility but I know that there will be almost 60 fit people in my class, which is very intimidating. Do I wish it was hot yoga? Damn right. Or somewhere on a beach where the background music is the splash of ocean waves along a sandy shoreline? Certainly. But I’ve made it to the end of the month with no mis-steps. Damn it, I may not be able to manage all of these poses, but I can do this.