I’m staying on track. Not eating too much of the wrong things, trying to move more. I know I didn’t drink enough fluids today. What I’d really like is a beer. Frosty, dark, Belgian beer.

1501107_726315974055990_595699009_oBut hey, I’m going to have a treat. Some friends from our Writers’ Community will be over for a potluck dinner tonight. I constructed a vegetable lasagna. Instead of the creamy cheesy bechamel sauce, I whipped up two cartons of 2% cottage cheese with some garlic, chili peppers and a handful of Parmesan. I used only 3 layers of fresh noodles. Two huge bunches of red and green chard, sauteed in a bit of oil and garlic, a layer of thinly sliced carrots, some steamed broccoli. And fresh chunky tomato sauce topped with some mozzarellissima cheese.  A small piece won’t hurt but it will sure taste good.

The test will be if I can pass up the garlic bread….