Ordered one of these little gismos from Amazon.ca. FitBit.fitbit-

It’s supposed to be delivered Monday or Tuesday. Can’t wait to clip it on as I get out of bed in the morning and record every step I take or stair I climb. With that data, I’ll know how much more I have to do to ramp up my energy expenditure.

Usually when I lose a few pounds, I think it’s time to celebrate. Not this time – the journey is going to be too bloody long to squander time on a hunk or chocolate or something fatty that puts me over the edge in calorie counts. Not any more. My treats are going to be writing-related. Finishing things. Publishing. I’m on a tear.

I switched from using the Burn the Fat food recorder to My Fitness Pal. It’s easier to use because I can set up a list of favourites, and the items I eat regularly. If it’s too complicated, I know that I won’t write things down regularly. An added bonus is that the FitBit can sync my progress with My Fitness Pal, because I also use it to record my exercise.

More technology, yes. But I’m thinking that with every movement on file, I’ll also be more accountable.