men and womenSad, but true. Women, who have such an innate ability to laser through deception about who really broke that cookie jar, or what time their kid came home from the dance, sometimes have trouble seeing themselves as they really are. We criticize ourselves using hurtful words. We also criticize others, whether out of envy or jealousy or simply boredom, I’m not sure. We have to stop that. By diminishing others or ourselves, we give away our power.

Our bodies – whatever their shape, size, colour, dimension, weight – are all beautiful. Think of the muscles and ligaments and organs and fluids that keep us going.We need to learn to love ourselves and be grateful for all of the things that we can do, because there are so many who cannot.

I was thin when I was younger. Then I had kids. Got happy. Got unhappy. Got happy again. Through it all, I’ve never lost my appetite. I am Rubenesque. Hourglass shaped. I don’t blow over in a strong wind. I’m strong. My brain works. My body’s not too creaky most days. Yup, that’s all good.

Stay positive. Stick to the plan. Love a lot. Laugh more.