Oh, I love this woman. Here is the link to her website. Read her blog – it crackles with wit and wonderful stories. Next time we’re in Santiago, Chile, I plan on trying to meet her or hear her speak even if it’s in Spanish and my Spanish is limited to a dozen phrases such as donde es el bano (where is the bathroom) and gracias.

Isabel’s simple story about paying homage to her daughter, Paula, and why she began helping women and children around the world moved me to tears. She has found a measure of peace in giving to others. Read about her charitable Foundation. Here is a link to the story she wrote about her epiphany.

But still she can laugh. Isabel says that despite the loss of people you love and a measure of independence as you age, there is still freedom to be your genuine self and joy in living the best life with what you have. Attitude, health, spirit, energy, acceptance of who you have become. Not carrying the burden of grudges, envy or  vanity lightens your life. As does fantasy and eroticism.

She mentions that the Dalai Lama has aged gracefully – but asks who wants to be vegetarian and celibate? We find sensuality in our heated memories and in enjoyment of the simplest things in life.

The question is, how do we stay passionate and engage with an open heart? Training and faking it. But most of all by staying in love and celebrating our lives.

Another awesome woman.