A winery near Cafayate, Salta Province, Argentina
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Here’s to Boomers doing out-of-the-ordinary things and tropical summer days in Ontario! Very conducive to entertaining on the party-deck under the pergola.

We were seven yesterday – Elizabeth had to do some emergency grandson babysitting downtown, so couldn’t make it, but Rolf brought us a little of their home-crafted maple syrup (it’s fresh-tasting and not too sweet). It’s great drizzled over Belgian waffles and on baked sweet potatoes, with a dollop of nutmeg butter. They have a huge property near Erin and built a sugar shack because they wanted to try their hands at tapping their own maple trees and distilling the sap. Our amazing accountant Simon and his wife, May, also intrepid travellers for business and pleasure, were welcome guests. She works for a cruise-booking company and volunteers at a branch of the Toronto Public Library. They’re off to Korea, Singapore and Turkey in the fall. We met up with them for a memorable tour of Hong Kong last November.

We’d seen our friends Karen and Jan at the Swedish National Day festivities, but there were so many people swirling through conversations, there wasn’t much time to share a real chat. They motored north in their sleek black convertible – top-down under the blazing sun. But as Jan said, that’s what hats were invented for! Now they’ve embarked on an adventure that tops everything any of us have done so far – they’ve purchased two plots of land in Mendoza state, Argentina and will be growing vine and making wine. One seven hectare plot of cabernet sauvingnon grapes is already in production but the other has just been cleared and must be planted. Construction on their bungalow will begin in September and they’ll be surrounded by row upon row of Malbec grape vines.  They plan on entertaining lots of guests from abroad, so the house construction includes a guest wing.


Image by FangFangMM via Flickr

Karen is blogging about their adventures when she gets some time.Their photos of the Andres mountains and the vineyards are breathtaking. Imagine waking up every morning to the spectacle of snow on the peaks! Hub and I have been searching for someplace to go for a chunk of time to write and tour around, but have hesitated because spending 4 weeks in Italy or Greece without knowing anyone wouldn’t be as much fun as having friends to share it with some of the time. So it looks like that wine tour of Chile will be on the schedule next fall (their summer), with a couple of weeks devoted to a work/vacation in Argentina. ¡Ah sí! ¡Lo esperamos!