Happy Friday!

I mentioned yesterday how excited I was to be learning what I can do with my new iPad. Well, today I made a recording of a poem I wrote in July 2010. I’m not sure what my motivatiIMG_5969on was – I’m not a poet, although poetry was my dad’s favourite genre to  write. Nevertheless, here is is, with no music, no special effects – just me sitting at my desk reading from my desktop monitor into my iPad screen.

I want to try reading some of my short stories next, but I may need to buy a real desktop microphone. And I’m not sure how large an audio file I can upload to my website and WordPress. We’ll see.

Rest assured, you won’t be hearing any vocal stylings from me – I can’t carry a tune in a bucket! Even my grandchildren would plead, “No, grandma, don’t sing. Just tell us a story with sound effects.” What’s odd is that I was in Glee Club in high school. Maybe I was off tune back then but they were so desperae for bodies, Father Beauchamp hoped everyone else would drown me out? Hmm. Perhaps that’s why I ended up in the colour guard in drum corps. Too far back to remember.

My reading voice isn’t too bad, though. I used to think I sounded like Minnie Mouse when I was young. Maybe sneaking into the powder room to smoke Jessie’s father’s Export As in high school actually did help to lower the pitch of my voice.

There is always something new to learn – I worry that I don’t have enough time to keep absorbing everything I want to know.I think I may have to learn to get by with less sleep. Shopping, baking, sewing, knitting, get that dish of eggplant Parmigiano done today…My to-do list keeps getting longer.