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Classes for the Creativ Festival start today. This year, I capitulated to my multitudinous interests and signed up for a Platinum Registration Pass. Over the next four days, I’m scheduled for 10 classes in sewing, knitting, beading, painting & embellishment and wire work. So I’ll come home with my brain bursting with new ideas and inspiration. The big event this year is called “Passion for Fashion”, a gala dinner and fashion show on Saturday night. Yay! A total overload and I’m so anticipating meeting some very interesting instructors and participants.

I’ve been attending for twenty years and used to go with a Girlfriend, but she dropped me and moved to Montreal, so now, I happily venture forth on my own and it’s a terrific experience. One of those rites of passage – learning to love your own company. My friend, Elaine Cougler in Woodstock, is a beader, writer, crafter, too. Maybe one year our schedules will mesh and we can hang out together.

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