Remember the advice not to shake hands but to ‘fist bump’. Why? To prevent the spread of germs.

I’ll bet you read that, laughed and then went euuuuw.

Being the visual person that I am, I did a Google search for ‘fist bump’ images and among the zillions of images was this one.bumps

I found it odd that the two people are both men. And the hugs – even the ‘bro hug’ – seem really awkward. Maybe it’s the 50s Clark Kent look?

Then there’s this cheery article from Business Insider that starkly reminds us of our general filthiness:

Like the surfaces we touch and the ground we walk on, our bodies are teeming with thousands of different species of bacteria, from the Lactobacillus acidophilus lining our digestive tract to the Propionibacterium acnes populating the skin on our faces and arms.

On average, about three pounds of our body weight is accounted for by bacteria alone.

And I chuckled at the section on public toilets. I vaguely remember being scared witless by some old dame who warned that girls could get pregnant from toilet seats or from rogue sperm in swimming pools.

Delightful. Then there’s this.

Probably someone’s idea of a joke. Don’t you wonder what kind of garment this label was in?

I grew up on a farm with no running water inside the house, except for a hand pump in the basement. The ‘bathroom’ was a wooden biffy a few meters from the back porch. Nothing glamourous about that, but if one was inclined to linger (hornets in summer and icicles in winter) , there were old Eatons and Sears catalogs to peruse.

Why the heck were those called ‘the good old days’?