You know how, first thing in the morning, you usually throw off the covers, groan, then rush into your day without conscious thought?

The beep-beep of the alarm or the pressure of a full bladder gets you bolt upright, feet on the floor, shuffling to do your business and greet the morning in whatever mood you’re in. Well, it’s time to hit pause and choose a different wake-up routine.

Gratitude is a popular buzzword, but being grateful – taking the time to catalogue the small and big things that keep us going – is critical to mental and physical health.

One of my favourite authors, Neil Pashricha, of The Book of Awesome fame, has a great idea about “Two Minute Mornings: A Journal to Win your Day every Day”.

There’s a journal that goes with the practice – I’m getting one for each of my grandchildren for Christmas. Their worlds are iPhones and YouTube and recording everything they do on Snapchat – but they have only a limited concept taking time out from technology and simply thinking or daydreaming.