It’s too warm to be writing about serious topics. Don’t get me wrong – I love the heat. Probably would have done just fine as Jane keeping pace with Tarzan (as long as he had a brain, a sharp wit and looked like Dwayne Johnson or the Old Spice Guy, perhaps). So, for the next while, I’m going to be keeping it light.

You’ve heard about ‘mom brain’ and ‘senior moments’, but I have to say, I’ve never experienced forgetfulness quite like this young woman.

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Of course it’s European-clever. Women do dumb things from time to time – probably from too much multi-tasking. My first thought was – how is she going to get rid of all those little bits of tea leaves? A relaxing douche, perhaps? I doubt that anyone under 30 has any idea what a ‘douche’ is, unless it’s followed by ‘bag’, which means someone who is not a nice person. I remember that flat dark blue rubber hot water bottle with the long tube and hard rubber nozzle that my mother used to hide in a towel under the sink. It wasn’t until I went away to university that I discovered what it was for. I remember the unmistakable scent of vinegar or Dettol. Boy, those solutions must have burned the innards. It’s a wonder more women weren’t rendered sterile after a couple of years of using that stuff. One time, I dabbed some full strength Dettol on some bug bites on my leg. Yow! The good thing – I forgot about the itching stings because I got distracted watching my skin bubble and redden.

Ah, those weird, fond memories of childhood keep pushing to the surface, no matter what.