My fitbit #Fitstats for 1/14/2014: 6,957 steps and 2.9 miles traveled.

scaleToday was weigh-day. I forgot to do it before I jumped into the shower, but I made sure I dried off extra well before stepping on the scale. Didn’t want any water weight messing up my results. Down 2 pounds last week. Two pounds. My goodness, but that felt good. I am even more motivated than ever.

Interesting thing happened at a work meeting today. As we were finishing off, I asked the man across the table if he was wearing a FitBit Force on his wrist. He looked surprised that I knew what it was and said yes. The IT guy two seats down from me started talking about steps and sleep patterns – he received one for Christmas. I reached under my blouse lapel and pulled out my little burgundy FitBit One bug. The other folks were standing around looking at the three of us as if we’d lost our minds.

I discovered some adult gummy vitamins at Costco. I hate swallowing those huge pills so it was a nice change to be able to chew on something a bit sweet when I have the urge.

Four pounds total. Another 26 to go. I have to ramp up my weight lifting to build muscle.

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