As soon as we stepped from the aircraft at Pearson and began that long, long walk to the Customs & Immigration Hall (thank goodness for Nexus cards!), I could feel my flesh start to shrink and crinkle from the horribly arid conditions of a Canadian winter.

Unlike many of our fellow passengers, Hub and I chose to wear our March-warm clothing on the leg home, because we know from experience that it’s a real system shock to come from a week of lazy 30 degree days spent lounging on a chair by the pool to the chill green airport halls. We always get a chuckle as the shorts-and-t-shirt crowds sprint to the bathrooms to change. And the pale fluorescent lighting of the arrivals area makes everyone look like zombies.

Pearson is such a vast wasteland – as welcoming as an operating theatre. Compare that to Mexican airports, which are bright and airy, fun and relatively compact.

It’s good to be home, of course, but the all-inclusive resort Hub chose for this trip – the Azul Ixtapa Grand – was the best we’ve ever stayed at. I wrote my TripAdvisor review while we were in the Ixtapa departure lounge (blissfully air-conditioned). Here’s the link.

We’ve been to Pueta Vallerta and Cancun multiple times, the Mayan Riviera, Mazatlan, Huatulco, Nayarit and Manzanillo – none of them compare to the service, facilities and all round specialness.

We’ve avoided high-rise resorts because I think of things like, ‘how long will it take us to walk down x flights of stairs if there’s an emergency’. I was leery of being on the 20th floor because I really don’t care for heights. But this time, it was quite fine due to the west-facing view, the generous balcony and the size of the room.

Every day, we’d return to some really creative floral art on the bed and towels. And in the evening, we got fresh towels and Hersheys kisses.

Yes, I know, I sound like an infomercial, but I give credit where credit is due. The only question I had was – why the gigantic tub in the middle of the room? I still carry a few bruises on my legs from bumping into it in the dark.

The environment was very congenial and staff didn’t have their hands out every time you spoke to them. Most of the guests were Canadian, which made for a very civil, serene poolside. No crowds ever – the resort is well designed with lots of space between the adult pool and the main (noiser) pools and whirlpools and bar. And there was blanket wi-fi! The Sunwing reps were on duty all day, every day.

Oh my, but that seven-day infusion of heat and sunshine and no housework was the absolute best!