What’s up with the passage of time? It seems that as I get older, it flies away faster, but my list of to-dos keeps getting longer.

This week was a combination of doing what I want and doing the things that have to be done for maintenance – finishing up planting spring bulbs and trying to hide my tracks from the rampaging squirrels, using raked-up leaves. I can see them in the naked branches of the falling-down Norway maple in the back – laughing as they bolt to their nests clutching yet another tender tulip morsel.

Got the snow tires put on on the car this morning, along with a pre-winter oil change and checkup and new battery. Apparently the old one was at 67% which meant that after a few days of hard cold, it wouldn’t have started up, which would not be a good thing. Went to Krown for an oil spray application to the undercarriage this afternoon. More so-so news. I’d had the driver’s side floor replaced last spring because it was rusting out; now it’s the passenger side that showing signs of deterioration. Apparently, it’s a well-known problem with Nissan Altimas. I was told there’s a ‘secret warranty’ on the damage because it comes as a result of faulty design – two pieces of metal attached with a gap between, so any moisture has a breeding ground for corrosion. What a pain.

The good things is, while I was finishing off playing a few rounds of Words With Friends, in walked a delightful young lady named Crystal Lee, who’d been training for the Olympic Women’s Aerials Team. You know, the sport where they catapult off a ramp curved like a boomerang, fly through the air doing somersaults and other tricks, then land gracefully without breaking any body parts?

We chatted about how her life has changed and the big decision she had to make about her future in the sport. Wow – this is one together young woman. I’m going to interview her and will post her philosophy of living and choices (make yourself happy) later on. She’s such a positive influence and at 23, has made choices that require her to start much later than her peers in finding her profession and starting a life-long career.

Kudos to you, Crystal!