The malls are already crazy-busy. Even tonight at five o’clock the corridors by the more popular store were crowded with shoppers. It was frigid outside, not so much from the temperature but from the blustery wind. I had meetings all day so didn’t get a chance to do my noon walk.My intention was to do a couple of laps around the upper and lower floors but I got distracted.

The store window displays are interesting. Aside from the racks of glitzy frocks for holiday entertaining, there are some examples of window-dressing art that give one pause. In store called Forever XXI – now I know that means 21 in Roman numerals but I’m not sure how many of today’s young-uns can figure out the meaning of the ancient symbols.

wearyThe mannequins were all hunched over, looking like there were being sent to their rooms because they’d been naughty. They looked too weary to hold up their skinny little bodies in their faux fur coats.

bumsThe display of tidy little butts just made me laugh. ‘No peeking’, ‘total package’, ‘stay back’. at least there were no spelling errors. I’m sure the cheeky setup is intended for the hapless men who wander n seeking something sexy for the little woman. And judging by the single digit sizes in the display, she’d indeed have to be ‘little’.

I confess I’m not a big shopper. I’m focused, though. I found some killer Bose earphones for Hub and my granddaughter – on sale. I’m in the groove.

Then there’s the salesperson who was changing the clothes on a display model propped up on two boxes that read ‘love’ and ‘dream’. Not sure if there’s any significance to that. It was the oddest thing seeing the inside of the dress dummies’ legs – all metal and futuristic looking.

legsoffI have to ask, how come they are all so damned pale? I know it’s winter but that chalky white look makes the clothes look odd. And the mannequins remind me of corpses. Sort of like he zombified shoppers wearing heavy coats and boots and looking like they’ve been smacked on the head with a board.

Ah, ’tis the season.