Where is the time going? It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner.Gobble-gobble.

The weather is fabulous – warm (no, hot) days and cool nights. I ventured out to ‘The Tree’ and picked my first bag of apples for the season. After lunch, I sat on the deck washing, slicing and piling them into the crock pot to simmer down into apple sauce.

The fruits are crisp and sweet-smelling, and after cutting up the first couple of dozen, perfumed juice runs down my wrists.

In the dark of winter, when the winds are howling outside, we’ll crack open a bottle of golden, cinnamon-scented applesauce, ladle it on our potato pancakes or pork chops and remember today’s blue skies and skin-puckering sunshine.


As high as the deck is, though, I’m attracting predators. The damned yellow jackets or hornets or whatever they are swoop in to try to get to the fruit. I swat them with a dish towel and the fresh corpse has a brief deterrent effect. Maybe I’ll pile them up and create a circle of bodies to deter their buddies.You have to make sure they’re dead. Years ago, one got caught in the sleeve of my blouse and stung my arm so many times it swelled up like a thigh and burned like hell for days.

Last winter, once the leaves were all off the maple trees in the front yard, we discovered a nest as large as a bushel basket. Of course it ended up in a garbage bag, crushed under the boots of the grandchildren, but I had to stop a moment to think of how long it took to build the layers and layers of paper.


First World problems. I rant at the occasional house fly or ladybug that gets inside, but I’ve been in countries where there are no screens and insects are rampant inside as much as out.

I took a free class this morning from one of the Apple Geniuses – How to use iMovie. Wow! We take for granted how powerful our tablets and smartphones are. Hub and I want to make YouTube videos to promote our books, and I thought we’d have to buy expensive studio-grade equipment like microphones and sound mixers and video processors. Nope – with my iPad Air and a few video/photo editing apps, I can do it all at my desk.

The sound and picture quality are remarkable. There’s a but of a learning curve, but I can go back again and again for advice if I can’t find what I want on YouTube or on the Apple support pages.

It’s very seductive being able to do what you want so easily using Apple hardware and software. On my way out of the store, I played with the iMac and fondled the iPhone 6. Aside from being functional, they are lovely to look at. I’ll never give up my PC, but my, that lovely silver and white iMac would make a wonderful writing tool. Luckily, the price restrains my impulse-shopping.

I fantasize about all I could do with a new desktop designed to make artistic things easy. If I ‘go there’, I may have to find a job again to pay for new toys.